Denmark Department:


Jannie Friis

CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Mail: jannie@headfitted.dk
LinkedIn: Jannie Friis Kristensen

In close cooperation with our customers, Jannie develops and conceptualizes IT solutions that suits their needs. In this way, our customers will be aware of what they need to make their services and workflows more efficient.

” My great interest is clearly the interaction between people and technologies, and the process that happens when products and relationships become.”


Mikkel Thormod

CTO - Chief Technical Officer
Kontakt: mikkel@headfitted.dk
LinkedIn: Mikkel Thormod

Mikkel has a great view over our projects. He follows the IT solutions from start to finish, and he constantly sees if the IT product is being developed based on customer needs.

” Over the years I have specialized in concept development and technology focused on people; how to improve user experiences and workflows through IT solutions.”


Benjamin Schultz

Project- & Communications Manager
Mail: benjamin@headfitted.dk
LinkedIn: Benjamin Schultz

Benjamin deals with the daily work of communication and marketing. He updates our social media and plans marketing campaigns for our own IT products - which he is project manager for as-well.

” I have a great passion for communicating strong messages, and finding stories that gives our customers a clear picture of Headfitted's skills.”


Dorthe Broberg

Project Manager
Mail: dorthe@headfitted.dk

Dorthe is the link between our Danish and Indian departments. She passes requirements specifications for IT solutions to our Indian development team, so they are well-dressed for the development and implementation of the IT product that the customer has ordered.

” Being able to write as accurately as possible requirements specifications is a pleasure - if the development team asks a minimum of questions, the requirements specifications have been accurate enough.”

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Line Skuldbøl

Graphical Designer, Concept Illustrator
Mail: line@headfitted.dk

Line creates mock ups and sketches, so our customers can see, how their upcoming IT product will look like. This allows the customer to better relate to what features the IT solutions contain.

” I like to visualize the story of the product so it becomes intuitive and fast for the outside to understand the value of it.”


Sune Sørensen

Design developer, Frontend devel.
Mail: sune@headfitted.dk

Sune guides our customers through the digital universe and improves their IT products: He delivers innovative front-end designs for web and mobile devices that optimize our customers software.

” I am very passionate about using technology and digital data to design new ways to improve everyday life for people.”


Merete Gersner

Administration, Accountant
Mail: merete@headfitted.dk

Merete manages Headfitted's administrative tasks, which excites everything from APV surveys to billing, timer registration and monthly reporting. At the same time, Merete ensures that there are enough prepared coffee-beans for the rest of the team.

” It's important we make fun, even though we are busy. A good laugh sometimes a day makes it all work better.”



Mail: sebastian@headfitted.dk

As our Media Manager, Sebastian creates movies and videos as well as photos for our product campaigns, and our other communication channels such as websites and social media.

” I have a very strong passion for telling stories that go well with people, with a beautiful visual expression.”


Erin Magill

Mail: erin@headfitted.dk

Erin is our trainee. She helps us to test our own software products and performs various ad hoc tasks such as: web design, concept development, etc.

” I'm very interested in designing and think it's exciting to develop IT products that have a social purpose.”

India Department:

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Director of Headfitted Solutions
Mail: siya@headfitted.com

Siya is the Director of Headfitted India and is responsible for the vision, strategy & hitech security of the Company.

” I am a passionate enterprenuer always looking forward to make the world a better place.”


Amal Raj

COO - Chief Operating Officer
Mail: amal@headfitted.com

Amal is the COO and oversees the overall operations of Headfitted India. He is also the go to guy in case of any issue or problem that needs a solution.

” I am passionate about technology and how to use it to help solve people problems. I also love to travel, explore and experience what our world has to offer.”