App to support suicidal patients with tools for self-help and monitoring


Idea; Make tools and methods that support suicidals available on-line

LivsApp´tit has been developed as part of a research project caried out by "Klinik for selvmordsforebyggelse" in Region Midt, a project supported by TRYG fonden. The purpose of the App is to provide selected tools and methods available for helping and supporting potentially suicidal people, and to support the dialogue between the professionals and the clients.


Process; Simple and responsive UI

The App was designed with respect to the context and the situation of the users, and it´s purpose is to make the tools for selfhelp easily available always and everywhere. The functions and UI was developed in collaboration with the end-users, the professionals and the researchers at the center.


Result; LivsApp'tit for suicidals

The App was developed as part of a research project, and will be tested over the coming years as an alternative to existing online monitoring services and paper versions of tools and diaries.

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