Idea: Training App for young kids with Cerebral Palsy

Build2move is a training App developed for kids at the age 2-5 to engage them to use their whole body for coordinated movement in a spatial environment motivated by cognitive reasoning.


The Build2Move app was developed for Helene Elsaas Center in Copenhagen, and is a trainings app designed specifically for kids aged 2-5 years, to motivate them to move physically while solving cognitive tasks at the same time. The tasks are designed to support cognitive skills, development of spatial intelligence and focused physical training aimed at whole body balance.



The app aims specifically to support training of kids with cerebral palsy, with the purpose to accelerate the training of their brain as early as possible.

Headfitted has beein involved in UI and UX development, as well as programming and testing of the first prototype app.


Project status

The prototype has been finalized and tested in a few institutions, and is awaiting further feedback and development.

Link til Helene Elsass Instituttet: klik her

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