Telemedical training App for Region Midt


Idea; Improved quality of life

Psychiatric patients are not usually first in line when it comes to health investments, despite the fact that most of us probably know someone suffering from e.g. stress, depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia. Therefore we are very proud that we, in collaboration with The Department of Physiotherapy of Central Denmark Region, have developed a training app for iPhone and Android, which will improve the quality of life for psychiatric patients.


Process; Flexible Training

Physical inactivity is a big problem amongst this group of patients whose average duration of life is far below the national average. Through the use of our training app, physiotherapists and psychiatrists will be able to maintain and increase the amount of physical activity for their patients even during periods when the patients find it hard to leave their home or take the bus, resulting in therapy sessions being cancelled. As part of the pilot project, the app will be tested on young and adult patients from University Hospital Risskov, early summer 2013.


Result; Shared responsibility and economic gains

We anticipate that through teletraining with smart phones patients will gain a sense of responsibility and thus more confidence in their own skills and potential (self-efficacy and empowerment). The training app can also contribute to health economic benefits within the public realm.


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