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Are you starting up an IT project, and need help to scope and prioritize concept and development fast and effectively?

Do you have a feeling your ongoing IT project is heading off the tracks?

Do you have an idea for a new IT service or product, that you need conceptualized and estimated?

- Or do you have a clear and final project specification for a SW solution, and just need the job done?

Call or write today for an informal talk - we just might be able to help you!

In our experience – often IT projects are side-tracked or even scoped wrong from the beginning, either because the “customers” are not clear about what they want, and how to prioritize it, and/or because the programmers are not aware of the context of the solutions they are developing, nor have a clear understanding of the core concept and values. In order to be focused and get the best results, good specifications and descriptions will take you some of the way, and to top it off you need a platform and a process that supports hands on concept testing, and ongoing dialogue about important issues and priorities in the project.

At Headfitted, we have years of experience working with all kinds of IT development projects, from small start-ups to large corporations like LEGO, Vestas and major public institutions. We can help you sharpen the scope and the specifications of your project, as well as support the dialogue towards the development team. Finally you can choose to either let our programmers do the actual production work, or we can support you in handing it over to another production team. Either way, you will be in good hands with us.

Production Lead: Mikkel Thormod (CTO)

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Contact Mikkel if you want to know more about:

  • SCRUM and iterative development
  • Outsourcing and team lead process
  • Task scoping and specifications
  • UI contextual development & design

Conceptualisation Lead: Jannie Friis Kristensen (CEO)


Contact Jannie if you want to know more about:

  • Discovery workshops (solution mock-up, user stories, tech. spec)
  • UIC conceptualisation process (Understand-Innovate-Construct)
  • Pre-projects setup and delivery
  • Mock-ups and prototyping
  • Human-centered design & User eXperience design

Read more about our UX design sprint method here (download PDF in danish).