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Are you starting up an IT project, and need help to scope and prioritize concept and development fast and effectively?

Do you have a feeling your ongoing IT project is heading off the tracks?

Do you have an idea for a new IT service or product, that you need conceptualized and estimated?

- Or do you have a clear and final project specification for a SW solution, and just need the job done?

Call or write today for an informal talk - we just might be able to help you!

IT consulting and start-up assistance

We offer you 100 % impartial advice where we in close collarboration analyze your company's use of IT tools: Can we save money? Are there any digital systems that can solve your challenges, such as communication, development, project management or services? - and how will the IT tools work best for your company and employees? 

IT conceptual development and prototyping

In an IT conceptual development process, we work with your company. We have focus on how your business working methods, services and strategy can be optimised by using an IT system, tailored to your needs. We do not ask if your IT solutions are built correctly - we're asking it it's the right solution you have.

Specification of tender documents for development projects

Do you have a major development project that you must have specified for tender? We can, with a number of concrete processess and tools, strengthen the concept development and the design behind the project. All deliveries are concrete and tangible, and will provide a basis for practical applicability and highly well-defined requirement specification.

With the knowledge we have about in project, we can also be able to provide you with impartial technical, UI and UX advice to the supplier you choose and we can stand for test and QA of the completed solution. 

A functional description and conceptual clarification provide a sure basis for evaluating the different bids you enter and it gives the providers a precise basis for their work with the offer so they understand your expectations. 

The UIC process

Our digital products are developed through an iterative process called UIC. It's based on Google Design Sprint and IDEO's Design Thinking Methods, and it has three phases where the products shape and functions are being investigated, designed and tested. 

The process focusses on continuously developing tangible and visual prototypes that provide the basis for close communication between us and you, so we together ensure a user-friendly system that meets your needs.

A standard UIC cycle takes typically one to three weeks, and the process is always tailored to your specific requirements.  

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Understand: In the understanding phase, relevant data is collected about the product area. It may be information about users and user accounts, competing system solutions, designs or other.

Ideate: In the idea generation phase, the collected data is processed and structured, sorting, selecting and generating new ideas and concepts.

Construct: In the design phase, the ideas are used as the basis for developing a model / representation of the product. The model's format, function and degree of detail will change over time in relation to the project's development, and can range from a storyboard or a user travel map to a prototype. 

Once the product has been developed, we can either implement it or help you hand out conceptual description and prototype designs to other actors that you want to produce the solution.