MoveJam is a free trainings activity coordination app, designed primarily for students, to coordinate social training activities in the city. MoveJam has been developed by a group of students at SDU in Odense supported by Odense Municipality.



The goal of the app is to make it easier to find other people to engage in physical training activities in the city space.


especially for students

The app was especially focused on new students, that do not have a strong social network when arriving in a new city. The app makes it possible to create and share information on free sports- and training events, and for others to sign up to attend the events. All you need to do is download the app, and create a user account.


More info

MoveJam can be downloaded in Google and App store, and currently has the 5 largest cities in Denmark listed for activities.

For more information on the project, look at MoveJam´s facebook page here.

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