Idea: LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Education

A new version of LEGO Mindstorms was released in the summer of 2013. The Education version has multiple tutorials and tasks which guide and help the teacher towards creating exciting courses within different educational programmes.

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Process: To Create Clarity and Coherence

We have conducted a number of design tests and user studies in order to create a user experience which is at once stimulating and accessible – and which provides the best and most informative “lobby” for the actual EV3 programming part. The lobby was intended to be a simple and easily accessible content portal for the individual education programme packages developed by LEGO. Our task was to design, test, build, and evaluate the lobby, and to structure the overall user experience relating to the UI. Moreover, we have been (and still are) involved in the implementation process of all activity packages relating to EV3 Education.


Result: UX, UI, and Implementation

In close collaboration with LEGO and other subsuppliers, we delivered – on time – a coherent and smartly designed product, which has received positive reviews and already achieved great success in the market.

We have since taken big pride in being involved in LEGO Education concept work for new and upcoming digital products.

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