Idea; Complicated logistics systemized

The challenge of Delogue involved creating an online platform, which would benefit and ease the daily communication between designers and suppliers. The system should be suitable for companies whose spreadsheets and emails are no longer sufficient for managing the complicated logistics of offering various parallel collections, brands, styles and items.

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Process: Close collaboration and good communication

The process was based on the software development model Scrum, ensuring a high level of accuracy and stability in the project. The designers, buyers and suppliers were involved in the development process in order to maintain the highest possible consistency between the user's communication requirements and the final IT solution.


Result: Creative and flawless product development

Delogue is constructed around the continuous correspondence between designers and suppliers. The system ensures that all information is always directly tied to the relevant collection. The solution is cloud based and can be run anywhere with a browser and Internet. The user experience is similar to that of a conventional, installed program but at the same time has all the advantages of a web application: High uptime, scalability, redundancy, and security.



The platform is also flexible in the sense that while letting the designer work with advanced tools, it gives suppliers a much simpler interface which is easier to understand. Delogue thus improves creativity, quality and gain.

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