A premier music distribution resource - the web-based solution allows to distribute to digital platforms world-wide and provides analytics to give users insight into what, where and to whom they are selling.
The system provides a catalog of over 200,000 songs and 10,000 artists and is used by some of the most recognized independent musicians, personalities and programs world-wide. It helps to reach fans in every corner of the world.

The earlier version was on Ruby on Rails running several processes on Joyent Cloud, Amazon EC2 and S3 instances.

Process; Full application and database analysis. The application has begun to run slowly and the existing overseas development team has been unable to optimize and scale. Headfitted Solutions is going to review the code and database and propose a plan to improve and/or rebuild. The core functionality to be taken care of are as following:

  1. a) Application Development - Music Distribution

  2. b) Application Development – Royalties

  3. c) Application Development - Sales Reporting

  4. d) Application Development - Distribution


  • Encoding and distribution of the tracks from different instances like amazon ec2 and joyent.

  • Integration of the third party dsp sites like youtube, googlemusic, spotify etc.

  • Scheluded cron jobs for processing royalty files from dsp sites and generating the statements for distributing the revenue every month.

  • Technology Used:  ASP.NET 


Leads consistently rank as the number one demand of every sales professional. This LinkedIn tool is the easiest way to build accurate lists of marketing and sales leads on the Internet. You can run your search from anywhere on the web using our Chrome browser extension: Search for titles, industry, location, social network groups, and more. Build highly specific and targeted searches.

Process;  We are looking for two LinkedIn-related applications. We prefer these applications are built in .NET

Result; Application #1: Allow users to add LinkedIn profiles from webpage as a browser add-in with one-click or upload a set of LinkedIn urls and then retrieve information on the back-end.

Application #2: We want to be able to link user's account in #1 to an actual LinkedIn username account. If the user has LinkedIn credit (i.e. premium account), we want to make it so user can select multiple saved users in the back-end and send a LinkedIn email using some basic customizations.


Technology Used:

  • Graphing Library: D3.js

  • Web Technology: ASP.NET MVC 4 + Entity Framework CodeFirst.

  • Database: MySql

  • Runtime: Mono

  • Application Server: Apache/IIS

  • Operating system: Linux/Windows


E-commerce, restaurants, shipping, Travel Agencys etc.

Templates from scratch based on the clients needs like: Client’s Targeted Customers, Competitors, Reference Design sites, Objective of the Website, Colour Preferences, etc.


Technology Used:

  • Backend Application - ASP.NET MVC


  • Chrome plugin app - JavaScript APP

  • URL interceptor - Chrome app


 This metadata management tool allows an organisation to very quickly get all its data under proper management and governance control. The tool is designed to work in the most challenging data environments, e.g. financial services, etc, and the designers have drawn from their experience of leading data management programmes at the world’s largest global banks.

Process;  Architector includes a sophisticated semantic-based business glossary, which is linked to business and technical processes, datastores, physical data, issues, data quality rules, and other data assets. Architector has exceptional graphical capabilities that can automatically draw interactive concept models directly from data definitions, as well as complex interactive data lineage diagrams.

The glossary can be synchronised with external RDF/OWL ontologies, and other metadata can be imported and exported for full flexibility.

Result; We have developed a Rich Internet application referred as Data Governance Platform. Metadata and reference data can be manually created or imported by XML or spreadsheet. The system allows data management roles to be associated to the various data assets, and the metadata dashboard provides data managers with comprehensive feedback on the completeness and accuracy of the metadata within their control. The graphical capabilities allow managers to create the views they are interested in, and graphical views can be shared across the organisation. This makes the Lineage Manager a very effective data management communication and collaboration tool.

And because concept models and data lineage diagrams are created from metadata, there is no need to re-draw them whenever the metadata changes. The system handles this automatically.

We included a query engine to allow users to interact with the metadata repository in a very flexible way. And the system monitors and audits the quality of metadata.

Future plans for this product include configurable metrics and dashboards, integrations with other data tools, and additional bridges to external metadata repositories.