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About Headfitted Solutions


About Headfitted Solutions

Headfitted Solutions, our India-based Software Development Company, has been a core part of Headfitted for over 10 years, and has currently 40+ employees. This is a company with international outlook, based on an experienced workforce:  

Our core competence is digital user experience design and software development. We offer a unique palette of software innovation services, empowering organizations with opportunity and courage to change, step by step, through hands on collaboration and iterative ideation.  

We offer our clients close collaboration for their projects, and help to reduce development expenses, expedite time-to-market and improve Return-on-Investment.
Starting from your business area and organization, we focus on how IT systems and tools can make your organization more efficient and what opportunities you have for changing services and workflows. We possess a wide range of interdisciplinary competences in Denmark and India, enabling us to realize projects within deadlines and at competitive prices. We work hard to ensure that we deliver the best quality possible, and we always put our clients first

Our working methods are based on Scrum and Agile processes.





We are providing following technical solutions for our costumers:

  • Responsive Website Design (HTML5, CSS3)

  • Custom Application Development (JAVA, MS.NET, PHP).

  • Mobile Apps Development (Android, IOS, Windows, BlackBerry)

  • IT consulting

  • Testing & QA of softwaresolutions

We use Outsystems Platform, with low-code, to develop customized software and technical solutions. For more information on this, please see below.


Outsystems Partners

Outsystems Partners

We have been OutSystems partner since 2016. OutSystems Platform is a complete, full-cycle rapid application development platform that simplifies every stage of the app development and delivery process. Developers and teams can provide apps the business requires at the speed the market demands because of the visual modeling and automated, one-click deployment approach to application delivery.

Development teams design, develop, QA and analyze and manage their apps, no matter the size. All front-end and back-end development needs are covered, along with deployment and long-term maintenance. No one has to piece together separate tools, which can add cost and reduce productivity. And OutSystems also offers governance and impact analysis so big projects can get even bigger without requiring additional coding or management. 


At the core of OutSystems Platform is rapid application delivery, but there is so much more than that. The goal is to reduce costs and risks by enabling continuous delivery without breaks in the lifecycle by providing:

● Rapid productivity: Create apps and integrate in weeks, not months.

● Speed and code: Extensibility, efficiency and speed of developing with a visual model while retaining complete flexibility to integrate custom code.

● Multi-channel development: Developers use visual modeling to develop an application that can run on any device or platform. Risks, development time and costs are significantly reduced with error-free, automated deployments.

● Open platform: Protect investment in large back end systems by integrating with existing systems of record and/or data sources.

● Enterprise-grade platform: Build and manage very large portfolios of applications created by teams of developers just as easily and quickly as a single app.

● Reduced costs: Reduce the costs of application maintenance to a fraction with automated dependency management and holistic application lifecycle management (ALM).


How Low-Code Can Help Your Digital Transformation Objectives

According to a wide variety of case studies and industry reports, it’s reasonable to expect low-code to be at least four times faster than hand-coding. That speed advantage can give IT teams significant help in combating the many challenges outlined above. 

Four digital transformation priorities that every enterprise is already focused on & OutSystems would enable them - 

  • Enable more innovation and cope better with uncertainty

  • Fully and successfully adopt agile

  • Use DevOps practices to achieve continuous delivery

  • Re-skill, recruit and retain development resources

More information

If you need more informations about low coding and the way Outsystems is working, please see the following links:

You can also contact our Senior Business Consultant, Nitin Dhavare: Mail: Mob - +917507222664